Sunday, January 29, 2006

Made in Kuwait :)

For more info:


Яeema said...

ya7elowa walla AL KUWAIT

thanks hashemy to this spot at our hand made .

iDip said...

more information:


LaiaLy_q8 said...

is it bad that i haven't been there yet :/

امرؤ القيس said...

me too
finally, we’ve been mentioned in Guinness.
nice post Hashemy

eb9ara7a said...

شي نفتخر فيه
قواهم الله اللي اشتغلوا عليه

موضوع يستحق الطرح

Hashemy said...

Reema u welcome honey

idip thanks ra7 atheef el link :)

LaiaLy_q8 bainy o bainech me2 bs yabela ro7a inshala enro7la ;\

Imro'o Alqays teslam yal ghaly mn thoqek bs :)

eb9ara7a fe3lan m3ak 7ag o ya36ehom el 3afya, thanks

Q8ya said...

سمعت ان حلو...^_^


يعطيك العافيه..:)

teagirl said...

You think people can get married in there? (could you comment in my blog I will totally forget to check back here).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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